Trent Pysarchik Internship Endowment

We are honored to join Trent Pysarchik’s family in offering scholarships to MSU RCPD students with disabilities supporting quality internships that help students gain real-world experiences culminating in rewarding careers. Trent arrived at MSU as a freshman in 2004 and passed away in 2011 due to complications from the very health conditions that initiated his involvement with the RCPD. He is remembered as loving, caring, determined, and is celebrated as one who maintained a positive outlook throughout the challenges he faced.

Award size is based on endowment performance with anticipation for approximately $2,000.

Supplemental Questions
  1. During Fall semester of the next academic year, I will be a:
  2. Relative to your registration at the RCPD, which of the following conditions do you experience?
  3. Do you have an internship planned and confirmed for anytime in the period between the upcoming summer, fall or spring semesters? (If you don’t have a confirmed internship do not proceed with this application as you will be disqualified.)
  4. Please provide the company name, location and contact information for your internship.
  5. Please describe the scope and details of your internship.
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