Cole Scholarship - Study Abroad

Study Abroad – The Jeffrey and Kathryn Cole International Study Award provides funds for Honors College members participating in study abroad programs. Applications are due March 1 for summer, fall, or academic year programs. Preference will be given to research-focused programs, students who have not previously participated in a study abroad, and underrepresented students (financial need, vets, first generation college students, etc.).

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe any previous international experience.
  2. Have you participated in a formal study abroad program during your undergraduate study previously?
  3. Semester and year for program
  4. Program start and end dates
  5. Detailed Study Abroad Program description.
  6. Location(s) (city, country)
  7. Number of credits for program.
  8. Total program cost from OSA website
  9. How many honors experiences have you COMPLETED (e.g. Honors courses, sections, options, graduate courses)? This number should not include the current semester enrollment..
  10. Please prepare a one-page (single-spaced) personal statement that discusses: 1) who you are, your academic and career goals; and 2) how the study abroad program will complement these goals.
  11. In what semester and year do you anticipate graduating from MSU?
  12. Are you a first generation college student? This means neither of your parents earned a bachelor's degree.
  13. Do you have financial need? If so, be sure you have a FAFSA on file and discuss your financial need in the essay.
  14. Is your study abroad program research-focused? If yes, be sure to discuss this in the essay.
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