Genevieve Gillette Fellowship

The Genevieve Gillette Fellowships and Hymen and Miriam Stein Scholarships awards assist Honors College members who propose a substantial, interesting, and innovative senior thesis or equivalent project. Both awards provide a stipend to cover living expenses during the summer before the senior year. The Stein Scholarship also provides a scholarship during the student’s senior year. Students who receive these awards may not be enrolled in classes during the summer supported by the scholarship. Students may apply for both of these awards with a single application (Gillette). All eligible applications will be considered for each award. Individual students, however, will not
receive multiple awards within a single application period.

Each spring at least two Honors College students planning to produce a senior thesis or equivalent project are awarded Genevieve Gillette Fellowships to cover living expenses during the summer before the senior year. Depending on the availability of funds, consideration may be given to capstone projects which must be completed as a condition of graduation.

Through the generosity of Michael Stein and Susan Morrison, both of whom attended Michigan State University, the Hymen and Miriam Stein scholarship was established to recognize and honor their parents, Hymen and Miriam Stein.This Scholarship is intended to support an Honors College student who proposes a substantial, interesting, and innovative senior thesis or project.

ELIGIBILITY: Applications are invited from Honors College students who will be doing research during the summer before the year of graduation, and who are planning to produce a senior thesis or some equivalent project as a part of their course of study.

TERMS: (1) The recipient will receive a stipend of $3000 to cover living and research expenses during the upcoming summer. While enjoying the support of the Stein Scholarship, the recipient is expected to begin developing a research topic and plan, initiate the research work, and maintain periodic contact with the faculty member supervising the work.(2) The Stein Scholarship recipient may not be enrolled in classes during the summer supported by the Scholarship. (3) The recipient will receive an academic scholarship for the senior year of $3000. The Scholarship will be credited toward tuition and fees, half in each of the two senior year semesters. (4) The Honors College will assist the Stein Scholarship recipient’s research by providing during the senior year a modest Research Fund grant (to a maximum of $500) for costs incurred in completing the senior thesis or project. Such expenses might include: travel to archives, special collections, or research sites; collection or acquisition of special data; purchase of equipment or supplies; or travel to a professional conference.


NOTE: Your listed faculty recommender will be contacted for a letter of support. Please ask your listed reviewer to prepare a recommendation in anticipation of this request.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload a detailed research proposal which includes an abstract, and detailed discussions of the background, methods, expected results, and the significance of the possible outcomes of your research within the field as a whole. This proposal should delineate the specific work planned for the summer.
  2. Nature of Project
  3. If nature of project was other, please describe
  4. Contact information for recommendation from faculty member supervising or familiar with proposed research project: