Katrina Tagget Memorial Fellowship Endowment

This is a fellowship granted to RCPD students with learning disabilities and ADHD. The fellowship requires completion of a service/learning project in partnership with an RCPD specialist. Previous projects have included mentoring others with learning disabilities/ADHD to enhance academic engagement, working with assistive technology/accessible media, and facilitating RCPD programming. This is an opportunity to be creative in supporting RCPD students, connecting RCPD with other campus projects/departments/organizations, improving RCPD’s service to students with disabilities, etc. Projects can range from a single event/creation to a full semester/year experience. It’s highly suggested to communicate with an RCPD specialist about your project in advance of applying to this fellowship. RCPD specialists are happy to help form and refine project ideas.

Supplemental Questions
  1. During Fall semester of the next academic year, I will be a:
  2. Funds for this fellowship are allocated for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD who are registered with RCPD and have a focus on helping others. Which diagnosis(es) do you identify with?
  3. Who is your RCPD specialist?
  4. Describe your disability and how it impacts you.
  5. Describe up to three of your most purposeful community, volunteer, or pre-professional experiences and explain their significance to you.
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