Samaritan Scholar Award Endowment

Maximizing Potential — Advancing Excellence

Established by MSU alumni Jim and Judy DeLapa, the Samaritan Foundation has generously assisted students for more than two decades. In 2003, the Foundation began offering scholarships through the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD), providing educational support to sophomores, juniors and seniors with disabilities, and distinguishing itself by offering the first scholarship for MSU undergraduate students with disabilities. The scholarship is typically awarded to three students who are also United States citizens demonstrating financial need. Recipients are encouraged to recognize this program as an investment in ability and are in turn challenged to invest in others by contributing as a donor to this program as they achieve success in a professional career.

Award size is based on endowment performance with anticipation for approximately $4,000 per recipient.

Supplemental Questions
  1. During Fall semester of the next academic year, I will be a:
  2. Relative to your registration at the RCPD, which of the following conditions do you experience?
  3. Describe your disability and how it impacts you.
  4. Describe how your academic studies will prepare you for your career and personal goals.
  5. Describe up to three of your most purposeful community, volunteer, or pre-professional experiences and explain their significance to you.
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