RCPD Services (Revolving) Endowment

Education Abroad Scholarship
This scholarship, funded by MSU Education Abroad Quality Funds, may be used by recipients for participation in an MSU education abroad program. The grant recognizes that few students with disabilities participate in education abroad programs or international travel, activities that lead to acquisition of important personal skills and knowledge resulting in a more competitive resume for a future job market. Students participating in the program who are selected to receive this scholarship will be awarded $1,000-$2,000.

To be eligible for consideration you must:
Be a student with a documented disability
Have applied to a credit-bearing MSU education abroad program
Meet the eligibility criteria for the program

Supplemental Questions
  1. Relative to your registration at the RCPD, which of the following conditions do you experience?
  2. Who is your RCPD specialist?
  3. During Fall semester of the next academic year, I will be a:
  4. What phone number should we use to reach you if you are awarded this scholarship?
  5. Please list a second contact phone number.
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