Shawn M. Koch Memorial Scholarship Endowment

An alum of the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University, Shawn Koch was known for his voracious appetite for knowledge. With support and guidance from his parents, Shawn’s intellectual curiosity enriched his ability to learn from those around him. Appreciative of a wide range of people, viewpoints and cultures, Shawn ventured on a study abroad to Ecuador during his senior year. It was an experience that led him to countless other journeys throughout his life.

Shawn’s spirit of exploration lives on forever in the hearts and minds of his family and friends. He excelled as a husband, son, father, friend, musician, chef, storyteller, and so much more. Shawn lost a brave battle with brain cancer on June 13, 2011, at 34 years of age. He remains an ambassador for MSU as an embodiment of Spartan leadership.

Family and friends established the Shawn M. Koch Memorial Fund as a means to keep his formidable legacy alive. This scholarship recognizes students who share Shawn’s intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, work ethic, tenacity and ability to positively impact the world.

Eligibility and Awards:
The Shawn M. Koch Memorial Scholarship is available to students at either the undergraduate or graduate level and in any declared or undeclared University major. Applicants shall demonstrate financial need with priority given to MSU students whose lives have been directly impacted by cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend. Recipients are normally selected during the spring semester, with awards effective the following fall semester. Award size is based on endowment performance with anticipation for approximately $2,500.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you, yourself, had cancer?
  2. Has someone in your immediate family had cancer?
  3. Has a cherished friend or family member had cancer? (Please note that pets and distant relatives do not qualify in this category)
  4. Describe your experience with cancer and how it has affected your life (i.e. profound impacts such as changes to life trajectory).
  5. Describe up to three of your most purposeful community, volunteer, or pre-professional experiences and explain their significance to you.
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