Awarded to a high achieving incoming freshman who is a resident of Muskegon County with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to students who attended Muskegon High School or Muskegon Heights Academy.

Responsible Unit
Supplemental Questions
  1. MSU Alumni Club of Muskegon Scholarship Questions
    • 1. Explain your future education and career goals and how you have prepared to achieve these goals.
    • 2. Discuss an accomplishment, event or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and new understanding of yourself or others.
    • 3. Why have you selected Michigan State University and how you expect this to impact your future goals? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being absolutely certain, how certain are you of attending MSU?
    • 4. Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an intellectural challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.
    • 5. How have you been a leader or displayed leadership?
    • 6. How would you describe yourself to someone who did not know you?
    • 7. What jobs, sports, community activities, or clubs have you participated in? How did your participation help? Other than academics, what activities or outside interests will you pursue at MSU?