Janet A. Blanchard 4-H Leadership Schol

Recipients shall be full time students at Michigan State University who are pursuing a degree in any major or college on campus. Recipients will have been members of Michigan 4-H Youth Development and have had demonstrated leadership and a well-rounded number of extracurricular activities that they have been involved with (examples may include, bur are not limited to, the newspaper, student government, music, community service, etc) prior to attending MSU.

Responsible Unit
Supplemental Questions
  1. Blanchard 4-H Leadership Scholarship
    • A. Were you a member of the Michigan 4-H Youth Development Program?
    • B. Please provide the Michigan 4-H Youth program and the location or county.
    • C. Please provide examples of extracurricular activites that demonstrate leadership that you were involved with before attending MSU- (student government, newspaper, music, community service etc.).