Cole Scholarship

The Cole Excellence Awards are available to current/continuing Honors College students to offset tuition and other costs of attending Michigan State University. These scholarships are intended to reward members who demonstrate academic excellence through a high cumulative GPA in a program enriched by Honors experiences. A number of one-year scholarships are awarded each year. THIS APPLICATION WILL BE USED TO CONSIDER YOU FOR OTHER GENERAL HC SCHOLARSHIPS. Applications are due March 1.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be a resident assistant in the coming academic year?
  2. Will you be in the marching band in the coming academic year?
  3. If you have had experience in public service or law, please list here.
  4. I became a member of the Honors College
  5. How many honors experiences have you COMPLETED (e.g. Honors courses, sections, options, graduate courses)? This number should not include the current semester enrollment.
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