The Marge Karker Scholarship

The Marge Karker Scholarship was established in the late 1960’s to honor the former coordinator of Michigan Farm Bureau Women’s Programs. Marge Karker led Farm Bureau members in activities involving citizenship, health, education, legislation, public relations, safety and community betterment projects over a time period between 1944-1964. Through her work with these programs, Karker helped to lay the foundation for the Promotion and Education and Young Farmer programming we have today. Karker was a 37-year employee of Michigan Farm Bureau.

Amelia Miller, (517) 679-5688

1. All submitted applications will be reviewed.

2. Finalists will be interviewed, in person, by the MFB State Promotion and Education Scholarship Committee.

3. Recipients will be notified after the interview process is complete.

4. Scholarship recipients will be recognized at Michigan Farm Bureau’s Growing Together Conference, February 15-17, 2019.

Responsible Unit
Supplemental Questions
  1. Marge Karker Questions
    • A. Parent/Guardian Name(s):
    • B. Parent/Guardian Occupation:
    • C. How long have you or your parents been Farm Bureau members?
    • D. County where Farm Bureau membership is held?
    • E. Parent/Guardian Address (if different from yours)
    • F. What career are you preparing for?
    • G. How have your experiences (personal and/or academic) prepared you to make a positive impact in the agriculture industry?
    • H. List scholastic honors received in high school.
    • I. List scholastic honors received in college.
    • J. List your involvement in current and past community/extracurricular activities.
    • K. List your involvement in college activities and organizations.
    • L. What do you see as your future involvement in agriculture?
    • M. List the most important issues you believe will confront the agriculture industry in the next 10 to 15 years and explain why they are important.
    • N. How has Farm Bureau influenced your involvement in agriculture?
    • O. Provide additional information you would like to share with the scholarship committee to support your qualifications for this scholarship.
    • P. Reference Request #1 (no family members allowed)
    • Q. Reference Request #2 (no family members allowed)